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Insured’s Duties in the Event of Loss

Initial steps to handle a claim situation that may be covered under your policy:

  • Report immediately to the authorities (Law Enforcement Department/ NTSB/ FAA/Medical Emergency Services…) as it may be appropriate.

  • Contact us immediately (24 hours a day 7 days a week) at (305) 968-9296 / (305) 772-8825, or at our office during office hours at (305) 870-2665 / FAX (305) 870-4662.

   Email: [email protected] / airseai@bellsouth.net

  • Give Notice as soon as practicable to the insurance company, and also, in the event of theft, robbery, or pilferage, to the police. All notices must be in writing!

  • Take pictures of the scene, surroundings and circumstances. If there are witnesses, please obtain their contact information. Document every detail of your claim!

  • Ensure that all documents are in order: medical certificates, pilot licenses, inspections, logbook, certificate of insurance, etc.

  • Before making any statements (oral or in writing), consult with the Insurance Company for legal guidance. Do not admit any liability! Avoid making statements to the Media!!

  • Do not sign any document unless reviewed and agreed by the Insurance Company’s adjuster.

  • File a sworn Proof of Loss with the insurance company within 10 days. It must include the place, time, and presumed cause of the accident; the current value; list of occupants, or passengers, medical reports, logbook, first actions taken, etc.

  • Protect the aircraft from further loss or damage.

  • Protect any subrogation rights against third parties that may be legally liable for causing the accident or incident.

  • Cooperate with the investigation and the insurance company’s claim adjuster to ensure a prompt and proper settlement.

  • Seek the Insurance Company Adjuster’s written consent before making any payment, offering a reward or negotiating any settlement!

In addition to giving notice as soon as practicable, if a claim is made or suit is brought against you, please immediately forward to the insurance company every demand, notice, summons, or other process received by you or your representatives.

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