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1) Cargo Insurance: It provides coverage for loss of or damage to goods or products in transit in any means of transportation. It can be extended to cover your inventory in a warehouse, or simply during the whole duration of the voyage.

2) Hull & Machinery Insurance for commercial vessels (general cargo ships, tankers, fishing boats, crew boats, tugs, barges, yachts, etc.) covering physical damages to or loss of the insured vessel.

3) Hull & Machinery (H&M) War & Strikes Insurance. It extends coverage for war and strikes risks.

4) Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Insurance to cover liabilities arising from loss or damages to other vessels, cargoes, third party properties, persons, fixed and floating objects; crew claims, pollution, wreck removal liabilities, fines, penalties, proportion of General Average in respect of bunkers or freight, etc.

5) Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Insurance War & Strikes risks. It extends the P&I cover for war and strikes exposures.

6) Freight, Demurrage & Defence (FD&D) – Legal Costs dealing with hire, freight and dead-freight disputes; general average; detention; demurrage; breach of Charter Party, Bill of Lading or other contracts; disputes of quality of bunker supplied; improper loading, stowage or discharge of cargo; speed and consumption, etc.

7) U.S. Pollution Liabilities Insurance to cover U.S. waters exposure under the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) 1990. It is required by the US Coast Guards prior to entering the US waters to file for the COFR (Certificate of Financial Responsibility).

8) Charterers Liability Insurance to cover liabilities arising from loss of or damages to the chartered vessel, her cargo, oil pollution, third party properties, death or personal injury, fines, wreck liabilities, towage expenses, etc.

9) Pollution & Wreck Removal Insurance to satisfy both the CLC (Civil Liability Convention) and the Bunker Convention – Blue Cards.

10) Terminal Operators’ Liability: It provides coverage against claims for damages to or losses of cargoes under the care, custody and control of the Terminal or Port areas.

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